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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Muslimah Montage is a place where women can share stories about their triumphs, influences, and aspirations. This is a place where they journey to their full potential. Every woman has a different story; a different path. Through this candid multimedia platform incorporating personal stories and reflections, Muslim women weave a powerful, unforgettable story about their increasingly visible role in global culture.

This website is a place where women can find positive role models  from all walks of life.  We hope that this website will also serve as a much needed resource.

Every week, on Monday, a new Muslimah will be featured.  You will learn about her unique experience and inspiring journey.   You can contact or learn more about these women through the links provided on each woman’s page.  We would love to see more women involved in conferences, debates, workshops, panels,etc.

This website hopes to dispel stereotypes about who a Muslim woman really is and through the diverse profiles illustrate the multifarious nuanced women who call themselves Muslim.

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